“I have been playing and instructing golf for over 50 years and up until a year ago had no problem seeing the ball. My vision deteriorated to the point that I was unable to see my 7th and 8th holes in one and I had to have my friends look for many of my balls as I couldn’t see where they were landing. In addition, I almost had to stop instructing because I could only see my students swing…I was not able to see where the balls were landing.

Dr. Carlson, The Phillips Eye Institute and both of their staffs were great about keeping me informed throughout the entire process from consultation through preoperative and postoperative procedures. Now that the surgery is done, I can see balls land 500 yards away and I was able to see my 9th hole in one! I can also see the puck at my grandson’s hockey games now.

Thank you Dr. Carlson for restoring my vision and my livelihood!”

Lee T.

“I finally decided to go ahead with LASIK this year and from the very first time I went into Dr Carlson’s I knew that it was going to be a pleasant experience. EVERYONE there is so nice!

On the day of my surgery I was very, very nervous and anxious. Dr Carlson was so great through the entire procedure. He told me everything that was going on and what was going to happen before it did. The most important thing is that he was focused on ME!  Nothing else. My procedure was flawless despite my anxiety, thanks to Dr Carlson.

Dr Carlson called me to ask how I was doing the night after the procedure. The day after my surgery, at my first post-op appointment, I told Dr Carlson that he should not only be a doctor, but one of those people who “talks people off the ledge”.. Because he did such a great job of calming my nerves and anxiety. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Carlson and Claris Eye Care. I will recommend them to everyone I know, a thousand times over.”

Jen M. Patient 2012

“I’d like to share my 2012 pre-Christmas miracle with you. Dr. Carlson removed two cataracts and replaced them with a new kind of lens that sees both near and far. Not since I was nine years old have I had vision that didn’t need some sort of correction. I am able to read and drive both day and night. I am delighted!”

Sharon A.

“Dr. Carlson was great about setting expectations and explaining the procedure and recovery process. He was also readily accessible and the clinic staff was able to schedule me very quickly. It may sound dramatic to say that this is life-changing surgery, but it’s true.

There’s a freedom that comes with not wearing glasses or contact lenses. I can wake up in the middle of the night and not struggle to see the clock. I don’t need to pack my contact supplies or glasses when I’m traveling. And I can go play with my kids without worrying about my eyes drying out.”

Matt K.

“My experience with Claris Eye Care is nothing short of WOW !! let me explain: I came to Dr Carlson after being told I had a cataract in my right eye while in Florida,They wanted to do surgery the next week. My wife said no come back to MN. and see Dr Carlson who had performed Lasik surgery on her eyes years before and she was happy with her experience. I went to see Dr Carlson and was so nervous, (I have never worn glasses or had anything done to my eyes.)  Well the staff was remarkable, friendly, happy, answered all my Questions and cared about my anxiety. Then when Dr Carlson walked in he took all the time I needed and explained everything that would go on during the procedure.

The day of surgery at Phillips eye institute I was going from one station to another finally arriving in the operating room. The procedure was quick (seemed like minutes) and painless, that evening no pain, the next day the patch came off still no pain or discomfort and I could see better than I have in years.

I am writing 2 weeks after surgery and am experiencing absolutely no pain and my vision is amazing. It was a great experience for me.

We have a treasure in the Minneapolis area called the Phillips Eye Institute, but the jewel in that treasure is CLARIS EYE CARE with Dr Keith Carlson and the wonderful women who work with him. Thank you!”

Gary P.

“I had been seeing a different eye doctor who performed cataract surgery for me. The problem was that every time I went to his office I felt like I was nobody because he was seeing so many patients that I was waiting for long periods of time to get into an exam room and once in that room was constantly being moved to different rooms and during all of this there were lots of interruptions.

I finally decided I was tired of this treatment so I called Phillips Eye Institute and asked for a recommendation. I was given two names, but the person felt that Dr. Carlson would be great fit.

My first visit started right on time, I stayed in one room for the whole visit, there were no interruptions, they listened to all of my questions and worked with me until all my questions were answered and issues resolved. I felt like I was treated with great respect and was just as important as every other patient seen there that day and as a result, I was much more comfortable and at ease at this clinic.”

Fred R.

“Dr. Keith Carlson at Claris Eye Care & Surgery performed a blepharoplasty procedure for me in July of 2014. I received excellent service on every visit. Dr. Carlson and his staff are very courteous and considerate. They make you feel welcome and like “part of the family”. The office is nice and comfortable too!

 As for the impact of the surgery, I can see so much better since my surgery… It is easier for me to drive and do my crafting (beading and quilting).

There is nothing that could have improved my experience other than giving me a warm chocolate cookie after waking up. Everything was perfect!”

Carol H.

“I met Dr. Carlson in 1998 for a laser vision consultation after I saw him on TV talking about a new technology, laser vision correction surgery. Having completed a couple of other consults, my impression of Dr. Carlson was that he was kind, informative, took the time to answer all of my questions and seemed to be more careful/conservative in his planning which gave me more confidence in his ability to operate on my eyes. He did a great job of preparing me for what to expect during, before and after the procedure and I was very pleased with the results.

Most recently, Dr. Carlson performed cataract surgery for me with a premium lens (Restor). He informed me of all of my options, told me it would be a process that we would get through together and indeed we did!

Bottom line is this: I have so much trust and faith in him because of his 20 plus years experience, his careful preparation for surgery and his overwhelmingly positive outcomes that I recommend him to all of my family and friends without hesitation.”

Carol P.

“For some time, I had been having issues with not being able to read the fine print on food labels and the print in newspapers and magazines so I decided to call the Phillips Eye Institute for a referral. Thankfully, they recommended Dr. Keith Carlson at Claris Eye Care & Surgery.

Dr. Carlson confirmed that the cells on the surface of my eyes were abnormal and needed to be scraped off so new cells would grow in correctly and I had cataracts in both eyes He explained the procedures to me in a very straightforward manner so I went into the surgery knowing and feeling that I was in good hands.

I had one eye that took significantly longer to heal than the other (not because of anything Dr. Carlson did wrong) and no one ever made me feel like it was an imposition to see me multiple times post operatively…rather they wanted to make sure that my first eye was in good shape before they would proceed with the second eye.

Dr. Carlson and his entire team are fantastic and my experience at Claris Eye Care and Surgery was excellent…I would highly recommend them to anyone with eye care needs.”

David W.

“I very highly recommend Dr. Carlson and his team at Claris Eye Care & Surgery to anyone considering laser vision correction. As a person with a high correction (-10), I was unsure what laser vision correction could achieve for me. Dr. Carlson expertly guided me through the diagnostic process and made sure I completely understood the risks and benefits. He perfectly managed my expectations. My LASEK procedure was painless and successful, completely eliminating my need to wear glasses. My only regret is that I didn’t make an appointment with Dr. Carlson sooner! “

Angela M.

“Dr. Carlson performed LASEK in May 2016 and I couldn’t be happier with the results! The entire staff was very nice and professional too. I thought about going to a place like Whiting Clinic, but I’m very happy I got the much more personal service of Dr. Carlson who did the consultation and was always available with any questions after the surgery. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes.”

Elliott W.

“The first time I looked at my cell phone post cataract surgery, I couldn’t help but notice how much brighter the screen was and how vivid the colors were.

Much more profound though, was my experience at an internment ceremony in Michigan when my younger sister asked me to read a prayer at the service that she had planned. She handed me the printed program which included  the prayer in 5-6 point type size…something I had never been able to read before without trifocals. Once I focused on the right spot and got it in the light, I had no trouble reading this small size at all only 5 weeks post cataract surgery with a Restor lens in both eyes.

Dr. Carlson took extra time to adjust the lenses to help me see close up even better by making the two lenses work together so that ultimately, I see better. 

These results are much, much better than anything I expected and I would recommend anyone who qualifies for a Restor lens to get one!

Harrison N.

“Excellent as always. Dr. Carlson truly cares for his patients as do all those who work with him. I have had many appointments and will continue to do so because he helped me see better. and referred me to excellent doctors with special expertise when needed.”

Lynn W.

“My LASEK procedures have been such a positive experience. Dr. Carlson was careful to educate me on the subtle areas not apparent to a lay-person. I felt empowered that my decisions were re-enforced by that knowledge. I now have great MONO vision, and I will tell everyone I meet how wonderfully I’ve been treated at Claris.” 

Jean K.

“It is because of your competitive pricing and friendly, helpful staff that I drive from Prior Lake to see you for Botox.”


“Over the past six months I’ve had cataract surgery on both eyes, as well as Lasek treatments to correct for astigmatism.  For the first time in more than 50 years I can see 20/20 in both eyes.  It’s a miracle how well and easily my eyes were transformed by these surgeries by Dr. Carlson at Claris Eye Care + Surgery.

Since I was six years old I’ve been myopic—blind as a bat, coke bottle glasses.  As I grew older my vision became even worse.  Finally a year ago my optometrist identified cataracts in both eyes when she was unable to correct my vision to 20/20 with glasses anymore.  Even with glasses and contact lenses I would drive and have to squint at highway signs.

I was referred to Dr. Carlson and Claris Eye Care + Surgery. Throughout the process Dr. Carlson and his staff were informative, respectful and empathetic.  My process involved six operations over four months—two cataract surgeries, two treatments to clean up residual tissue around the lens, and then two Lasek operations to sharpen my vision to 20/20. The process wasn’t quick and easy, and Dr. Carlson prepared me for that.   Individuals react differently.  But the operations themselves were short, simple, out-patient treatments that were largely pain-free.

After a day of recovery after each one at home I was back at work the next day.I don’t know if it’s psychological, but I feel like everything I see today is not only clear, but more vivid.  I see colors more intensely, and I know that I enjoy and am grateful for this amazing transformation.I’m also very glad I got these operations done while I’m still in my 50s and can see clearly for many years to come.  I have a lot of mountains to climb and cities to see and I’m thrilled about all the things I’ll be able to see.”

Rohn M. Patient since 2010

“It was by far the most informative experience I have ever been through.  I would recommend Dr. Carlson and the Claris Eye Care staff to any person needing eye care, no matter what the procedure.”

Tim B. Patient since 2010
“I can snuggle with my kids and husband without having to take my glasses off first…Also, this is the first time in 25 years that I have worn sunglasses!”
Lori M. Patient since 2009
“I was beyond impressed!  Everyone was so helpful and genuinely cared about my health.  When I had a minor problem with the bandage contact sticking to my eye, I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to get in, and Dr. Carlson was determined to make my eye comfortable…and he did!
Ashley M. Patient since 2010
“Outstanding! I am very pleased with my LASEK experience.  The results are wonderful, but the process/preparation was just as good.  I felt very confident and comfortable at every stage.”
Brian M. Patient since 2010
“Very professional.  I felt secure working with the staff in the office.  Dr. Carlson is wonderful, friendly and a treat to work with.”
Matthew K. Patient since 2010
“Everyone has been very helpful everytime I’ve called or been in the office.  The experience was a very positive one and I’m glad I chose Claris!”
Jodi L. Patient since 2010

“Since my corrective surgery I have been able to see clearly with zero issues.  As a member of the Army Reserve I qualify yearly on the M16A2 rifle.  Our last trip to the range it was raining heavily and freezing cold outside.  Thanks to my surgery (thanks to Dr. Carlson and team) I didn’t have to worry about seeing through wet or fogged up glasses.  I shot better than ever before, with the highest score in my company.  I couldn’t be more satisfied!”

SGT Glen M.

“Since early childhood, my vision was so poor I could never  even discern the “big E” at the top of the eye chart. So correcting my vision became a complicated procedure.  However, thanks to Dr. Carlson, I am now able to see great with NO corrective lenses! What’s more, I actually look forward to going in for my regular checkups.  Dr. Carlson and his staff treat me like I am the most important person in the world!”

Mary S. Patient Since 1998

“I looked for a new eye doctor in 2003 because my then current eye clinic had implemented an impersonal assembly line approach.  Reference checks regarding quality and personal eye care led me to Dr. Carlson.  I have been with Dr. Carlson ever since.  I am 100 percent confident in the advice and care I receive from Dr. Carlson and his team.”

Ken H. Patient since 2003

“Dr. Carlson goes beyond treating symptoms.  He gets to the root cause of things.  In doing so, Dr. Carlson quite literally saved my eyesight when he helped detect a hidden tumor behind my eye.  What’s more, he responded quickly to an urgent email from me on this same topic during his vacation.  Dr. Carlson has been my physician for a long time, and will continue to be.  If he moved to Duluth I would still go see him.”

Chris C. Patient since 1994

“Dr. Carlson has conducted two cataract surgeries and one vision correction procedure on me. I am very pleased with all of them. He is very good at taking time with me to help me understand my eyes and the work he is going to conduct.”

Claire B. Patient since 1993

“I had a series of painful eye problems.  At one point, on a weekend, I started having an allergic reaction to a prescribed medication.  I e-mailed Dr. Carlson and laid down to get some rest to ease the pain.  By the time I awoke, he had called, discussed the situation with my daughter, and had a new prescription filled at my pharmacy.  Today, my vision is good and I am pain free.  Thanks to Dr. Carlson for seeing me through to the end!”

Ann A. Patient since 2009

“When I needed to see the doctor before my procedure, my call was returned quickly and I was seen on short notice – no questions asked.  In addition to getting 20/20 vision, it is nice to have a physician who works on my schedule!”

Bruce B. Patient since 2007

“We’ve seen a lot in our 62 years of marriage, and we wouldn’t trust our eyes to anyone else!”

Laura & George R. Patients since 1993

“I have known and worked closely with Dr. Carlson for over five years.  We share many patients together.  He is a fantastic ophthalmologist who clearly does a great job, at the same time treating his patients with confidence and respect. He is clearly very well liked.”

Richard Johnston MD Retina Specialist

“Dr. Keith Carlson and I have been colleagues for nearly two decades.  Part of that time was while he was chief of staff at the prestigious Phillips Eye Institute.  Dr. Carlson is an excellent clinician and a caring physician. His patients are fortunate  to be under his care.”

Jerry Kobrin MD

“I’ve worked with Dr. Carlson since 1991 at the Phillips Eye Institute. He is among the finest ophthalmic surgeons, treating each patient as an individual.  He’s never in a rush.  He often takes time to ask how you and your family are doing, remembering your spouse and children’s names.  Dr. Carlson is a true gem in the world of ophthalmology.  “

Nancy Chamberlain-Leech Certified Surgical Technician

“Dr. Carlson is a personable, compassionate and skilled ophthalmologist.  I trust him and that is why I send him my patients.  He is my ‘go to’ ophthalmologist because I know that if he cannot help my patients, he will take the time to explain options and refer them on for the most appropriate care.  Dr. Carlson understands that patients are more than their eyes.  His holistic approach allows him to connect with patients from different backgrounds.  Some of my patients speak limited English and require extra time.  When I send them to Dr. Carlson, I know that they will be respected and taken care of.”

Se C. Xiong OD
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