“The first time I looked at my cell phone post cataract surgery, I couldn’t help but notice how much brighter the screen was and how vivid the colors were.

Much more profound though, was my experience at an internment ceremony in Michigan when my younger sister asked me to read a prayer at the service that she had planned. She handed me the printed program which included  the prayer in 5-6 point type size…something I had never been able to read before without trifocals. Once I focused on the right spot and got it in the light, I had no trouble reading this small size at all only 5 weeks post cataract surgery with a Restor lens in both eyes.

Dr. Carlson took extra time to adjust the lenses to help me see close up even better by making the two lenses work together so that ultimately, I see better. 

These results are much, much better than anything I expected and I would recommend anyone who qualifies for a Restor lens to get one!

Harrison N.
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