Dry Eyes

Feel instant relief, protect and moisten your eyes with a preservative free formula from Oasis TEARS.

The Advantages of Oasis Tears & Tears Plus

  • All natural product with no damaging chemicals or preservatives
  • Prolonged comfort with fewer applications
  • Single use containers retain sterility
  • Unique combination of ingredients helps to coat and recoat the eye surface with every blink of your eye

What is Dry Eye?
There are some people whose eyes do not receive enough lubrication from their own tears, causing dryness and discomfort that can be long lasting and perhaps even painful. This is referred to as Dry Eye.

Dry Eye is often a chronic problem that, if left untreated, can cause damage to the surface of your eye. However, not everyone is dry for the same reason. Some of the most common causes for dryness are contact lens use, computer vision syndrome, diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome and LASIK or other refractive surgery induced dry eye issues. Symptoms for Dry Eye are: irritated, burning, itchy eyes- especially in the morning and end of day- and dry, scratchy or gritty sensations.

Artificial Tears
Much like eye drops, not all artificial tears are the same. They have different active ingredients, preservatives and packaging. They also come in various forms, such as liquid, gels, ointments or sprays.

Artificial tears are specifically used to treat Dry Eye, and are different from contact lens rewetting solutions and decongestants used to remove redness.

Some artificial tears contain preservatives. These prevent solutions from being at risk for contamination or decomposition when exposed to oxygen or non-sterile surfaces. But Preservatives can actually cause dryness! Some tear substitutes contain preservatives, like BAK, which prevents the artificial tears from keeping the tear film in place, and can harm the surface of your eye. If you are using certain medication drops or wear contact lenses, it is even more important to have tears that are preservative free to keep your eyes healthy. Why put chemicals into your body if you don’t have to?
Preservative free Oasis TEARS and Oasis TEARS PLUS eliminate the source of toxic irritation and provide eyes with moisture, nourishment and protection.

Optimize Your Ocular Health with Oasis Tears & Tears Plus
The active ingredient in Oasis TEARS is Glycerin, which works by interacting with both the water and oily layers in the tear film. When combined with a special highly elastic substance, the Glycerin in Oasis TEARS absorbs ambient water and helps to seal in moisture and hold the tears to the surface of the eye. When the eyelids close the solution is spread out and evenly distributed, for long lasting, soothing relief. Because Oasis TEARS has no toxic preservatives and it’s active ingredient is Glycerin, a natural compound, it is effective with only two applications a day, a.m. and p.m., yet safe enough to use as often as needed.
So you can have relief anytime, anywhere, Oasis TEARS are packaged conveniently in small, disposable containers with twist-off caps.

Two available options:
*Oasis TEARS® – recommended for mild to moderate symptoms
*Oasis TEARS® PLUS – recommended for moderate to severe symptoms

An Extremely Effective Product
Used and trusted by doctors, and in high demand by patients, Oasis TEARS was suggested to us by our affiliates at PRN. During the first week of carrying this product at Claris we had patients who had purchased just one box returning and purchasing a six month supply because they were so happy with the results!

What to do Next
If you have experienced some of the aforementioned symptoms for any prolonged periods of time, it would be a good idea to come in and see a Claris eye care specialist who can correctly diagnose and treat you.

We offer custom-formulated nutraceuticals with Omega-3, Vitamin D3 and EPA. These vitamins supply safe, natural relief for dry, inflamed or irritated eyes. Learn more about our Physicians’ Recommended Nutraceuticals.

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“We are using Oasis TEARS on our dry eye patients including some difficult patients where other therapies have failed. Several of these patients who have not been helped in any other way have turned completely around after treatment with Oasis TEARS PLUS.”
Richard Castillo, OD, DO
 The Oklahoma College of Optometry
 Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OKSources:

“Stabilizing the ocular surface with Oasis TEARS helps me get accurate preoperative measurements, which is critical for my refractive surgery and premium IOL patients. I recommend them to my patients for post-operative care as well.”
Karl Stonecipher, MD
 TLC Laser Eye Centers
 Greensboro, NC

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