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“Fantastic experience. Everyone was professional, warm, and competent. Dr. Carlson took time to explain the procedure (Botox for eye twitch), and performed it perfectly. I’ve been to other ophthalmologists for this condition, and they didn’t have the knowledge or expertise that Dr. Carlson clearly has in administering small amounts of Botox. I don’t intend on seeing anyone other than Dr. Carlson for my complete eye care needs.” Kathryn P, Saint Paul, MN


minneapolis st. paul medical botoxMost of us think of BOTOX as the unspoken secret to a more youthful look used by the rich and famous.  However, BOTOX is actually used as a prescription and medical treatment for far more significant conditions!

Since 1989, BOTOX injections have been the principle treatment for a muscle disorder called Blepharospasm.  Blepharospasm causes involuntary spasms of the muscles around your eye, which can result in uncontrollable and excessive blinking, eye twitching, or the closing of your eyelids.  For most people, Blepharospasm develops suddenly and for no real apparent reason. As the disorder worsens, vision becomes impaired, making everyday tasks like using the computer or driving, not only difficult, but dangerous. Without treatment for Blepharospasm, most people do not experience an improvement in their condition.

minneapolis st. paul botox medical and blepharospasm

Right now you’re probably wondering if you could possibly have Blepharospasm, as we’ve all had those sleepless nights that leave our eyes tired and twitching the next day! However, there are other specific and predictable symptoms to look for as the disorder progresses.

Blepharospasm usually begins with excessive blinking that becomes more frequent, forceful and uncontrollable. Often, symptoms like dry, watering, or irritated eyes and eyelid spasms arise and become more noticeable. Blepharospasm can be triggered or worsened under certain circumstances like bright lights, emotional stress, polluted air, noise or driving.  Even though the muscle spasms go away during sleep, or are reduced while concentrating on specific tasks, as the disorder progresses eyelids may remain closed tightly for hours.

It’s important to see a doctor right away if you are experiencing these symptoms.


Okay, so how does BOTOX fit into the picture?

Well, BOTOX therapy has been the treatment of choice and used to aid in the correction of muscle problems that cause Blepharospasm.  It is injected into the muscles, where it binds to nerve endings and inhibits the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (Ach). This leads to decreased muscular contractions.

“ I had a medically necessary Botox injection for a Blepharospasm in my right eyelid last October of 2011 at Claris Eye Care & Surgery…I’m happy to report that my Blepharospasm has dissipated since my treatment, which has made a significant contribution to my everyday life and provided the relief I desperately needed…I will refer anyone to Claris …as I know they will receive the same wonderful care and professional medical treatment that I did”.

Isn’t it great to know you have a choice? Put your eye care in the capable hands of an experienced Claris physician. Contact Claris today and find out how medical BOTOX can improve your quality of life.

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