Overcoming the Fear of LASIK

One of the main roadblocks keeping people from enjoying the benefits of laser vision correction is FEAR. Like President Roosevelt said during the Great Depression, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”!

This can be said of laser vision correction, too. Thinking about how it might feel, reading terrifying anecdotal online stories, and listening to worries by well-meaning friends and family is not always consistent with reported scientific results. Laser Vision Correction has a decades-long history of delivering incredible visual results to most people who are good candidates. Long-term contact lens wear actually has a higher risk profile over one’s life than a once-in-a-lifetime laser vision correction surgery.

The biggest fear that Claris has seen in people considering laser vision correction is pain at the time of the procedure or in the early postoperative period. This fear is unfounded, and people usually say after it is done, “That was it? What was I worried about?” It’s human nature to fear the unknown. The best thing to do is trust the team. Laser Vision Correction offices, like Claris, have done thousands of these procedures and have heard every type of concern. Most concerns never happen!

Another fear is a horrible sight-threatening result. This also is an unfounded fear. The safety profile in modern lasers is incredibly high. The success rate is, likewise, incredibly high. At Claris, we know of nobody in the Twin Cities metro area that has experienced profound visual loss or blindness. But the laser is not perfect in every way. It may not eliminate glasses or contacts for all activities. There can be irritation and dryness that must be addressed in the healing period. Enhancements to achieve the best vision are still done in a low percentage of patients.

With the right expectations, Laser Vision Correction can be a positive lifestyle-changing event. We live in an active generation. The ability to see without correction for outdoor activities, sports, or family activities has been called “priceless” by many people after laser vision correction. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment to see if you are a suitable candidate!

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