Blepharoplasty in Burnsville, MN

Blepharoplasty is a common surgery conducted by Dr. Carlson for the removal of excess loose skin on the upper lids. This procedure is typically done when eyelid skin droops and begins to interfere with peripheral vision.
Dr. Carlson can perform an evaluation and testing to help determine if your insurance may cover the procedure. He also performs cosmetic upper lid blepharoplasty for patients who desire the procedure but do not qualify under insurance guidelines.

How it works:

Blepharoplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure performed under sedation with local anesthesia at the Edina Specialty Surgery Center or Ridges Surgery Center. The redundant skin, muscle, and fat are removed from the upper lid of each eye. Sutures are placed and antibiotic ointment is applied. We conduct postoperative visits to ensure that your eyelids heal properly.