Contoura® Vision – Topographic Guided LASIK Treatments for Nearsightedness & Astigmatism

Woman's eye and high-tech concept representing LASIK surgery

Five years ago, Alcon Laboratories Inc released the Contoura® upgrade using the Wave-light EX500 Excimer laser.

Since that time, the results have been incredible. 92% of eyes achieve 20/20 unaided vision and 65% can even achieve 20/15 unaided vision! Of great importance, 30% of eyes have better vision than with glasses or contacts. This type of success rate has not been consistently reached with previous laser systems. Over 98% are very happy with their vision and would do the Contoura® procedure again.

How is this success rate achieved? Contoura® is a topographic guided corneal treatment utilizing the Alcon Wave-light EX500 laser. Every cornea is unique, just like every fingerprint is unique.

Sophisticated corneal measurements are made using thousands of points of data. This creates a treatment plan specific to every person. The goal is to make the eye surface as smooth and uniform as possible. Attempting to create the “closest” to perfect cornea, translates to the best possible vision.

The truth is, no two eyes are the same

Each one is unique

That is why the type of laser treatment matters.

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