Giving Back


“Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”
Proverbs 11:25

Every day we are humbled by our patients.  By the things they do.  The things they witness.  The things they see.

From soldiers returning from war to octogenarians enjoying life’s golden years. From hard-working professionals to parents raising kids.  We are honored to serve each and every one of you.

You allow us to be successful.  In our success, we are compelled to give back to our community.  We do so through our involvement in a variety of programs.

  • EYE – Claris is a supporter of the Early Youth Eyecare community initiative (EYE) that provides free vision screenings for thousands of Minneapolis public school children.  EYE is a program of the Phillips Eye Foundation.  Claris contributes a portion of its clinic time to seeing patients in this program. We also provide training and support to the people who volunteer to do the vision screenings.
  • Time for Tots – is a preschool located in the Phillips neighborhood. Every month we visit the preschool and read books, play and eat lunch with the students. We attend their Christmas program and graduation and bring gifts to celebrate both occasions. During one of our reading visits Dr. Carlson talks about the eye and his job as a doctor. We also read a special eye book, color eye coloring sheets and screen each child’s vision
  • Community Acitivities – Claris has participated in Operation Christmas Child, Techs for Specs and Christ Church Jubilee in Apple Valley:
    • Jubilee Celebration– Claris Eye Care & Surgery staff spent a beautiful day in Apple Valley participating in the Jubilee Celebration, an outreach event which allows those blessed with much to share with others less fortunate. We at Claris were able to provide glaucoma screening for everyone and identified some people with risk factors for glaucoma and other eye diseases. In some cases, we were able to recommend that they see their eye doctor for follow up diagnosis and treatment. It was a great opportunity to be outside and enjoy a warm, sunny fall day but even better, to be able to educate people about glaucoma and other eye diseases. We look forward to participating in other upcoming outreach events as they become available!


  • Christmas in the city- Through the Christmas season Claris Eye Care & Surgery collects toys for children attending Time for Tots preschool.  Time for Tots, a Christian pre-school for 4 year olds, provides a safe, structured environment for learning for children from a variety of backgrounds in the Phillips Neighborhood. We deliver the wrapped gifts on the day of their Christmas program.  The children are filled with joy when they discover presents left under the tree.  Thank you to all who give.

Time for Tots Time for Tots:Program

  • Graduation day!- Claris staff attended the graduation of the Time for Tots preschool in south Minneapolis. Congratulations to the young learners and their families. Donated books from Claris patients given to each graduate were an appreciated treat. Good luck in Kindergarten! Keep up the good work.


To learn more about how we give back, or to share your ideas with us, please contact us at 612.775.8009 or by email at

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