Eyelid Problems

Good eye health is about more than just the eyeball.  It also includes proper care of what surrounds the eye, namely the eyelid.Eyelid 1

The eyelid contains the thinnest skin of the entire human body.  Together with the eyelashes and eyebrow, the eyelid serves to protect the eye from dust, foreign debris and perspiration.  Moreover, the eyelid spreads tears on the eye surface to keep it moist and comfortable.

Sometimes, eyelids do not work the way they should, causing pain and adversely impacting vision.  This is particularly true with age.  At Claris Eye Care & Surgery, we address virtually all eyelid ailments and have many eyelid treatments available.

We have helped patients resolve entropion (inward turning) and ectropion (outward turning) eyelids which, left untreated, can cause significant and painful eye irritation and scratching.

We also help patients with excessive eyelid skin (dermatochalasis) which decreases one’s peripheral vision much like blinders on a race horse.

View information about the eyelid procedures we conduct.

If you suffer from eyelid problems that have gone undiagnosed or untreated, contact us today for a consultation.  We can be reached at 612.775.8009 or by email at info@clariseyecare.com.


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